Prenatal yoga course

With Lena Strohla


We invite you to join our prenatal yoga course for everyone who is on the journey of pregnancy and childbirth. Over the course of six weeks, we will delve into the practice of yoga offering a path of self-care and nurture that is welcoming to both newcomers and experienced yoga practitioners alike.

As you are growing a little human inside of your womb, you go through a transformational and challenging journey of body, mind and soul. As much as it can be a beautiful and magical one, it can also be one of discomfort, moments of exhaustion, and fluctuating levels of energy and vitality. Our Prenatal Yoga Course, enriched with yogic practices and somatic tools, is a supportive space to heighten your self-awareness, focusing on the unique needs that arise as you bond with your growing baby. Through a series of strengthening and mobility exercises, we aim to make your pregnancy journey more comfortable and fluid, providing relief from common pregnancy discomforts such as hip or back pain. Throughout the course, we will integrate meditation and relaxation techniques to nurture a sense of calm and inner resilience.

It's essential to recognize that each pregnancy is an individual and unique experience. Postures, breathwork, and other practices may feel different for every participant and can vary day by day. Our course offers you the space and guidance to listen to your body and develop trust in its wisdom. This can be a transformative time for you in which you embrace your inner voice and intuition to honor and nourish not only yourself but also your growing baby.

In sharing circles, you will have the opportunity to share and exchange your personal pregnancy journey including the highs and lows surrounded and supported by other becoming mothers and birth givers. 

While this course is not explicitly a birth preparation program, the strengthening and softening of both body and mind will be supporting you during pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond. We look forward to being part of your prenatal journey and helping you cultivate the strength, resilience, and inner harmony you need to embrace this transformative experience.

6 Thursdays

JAN 11 - FEB 15

08.30 - 10.00

1.300 DKK


what we'll dive into


• Hip openers and pelvic floor awareness

Meditation and visualizations

Strength and balance

Practice of surrender/letting go

Deep rest and relaxation

Movement flows

Relieving practices to ease tension and strain from carrying the growing baby

Somatic practices to regulate the autonomic nervous system

Sound and mantras

Sharing circles

• Supportive and communal environment where you can connect with other birth givers

who is welcome

Perhaps you are already familiar with yoga, or maybe you are a complete beginner. You are welcome no matter your experience with yoga - even if you knew yoga before, you might find that the prenatal period changes things around.

All stages of pregnancy are welcome, although you will benefit more from the course once you enter the second trimester. But no matter where you are at in your pregnancy, there's a remarkable bond forming between you and your future baby. It's a connection that goes beyond words, a silent understanding that begins in the womb. We trust that you know whether or not this is the right course for you. However, you are always welcome to email us at if you would like us to elaborate on the course details.

We only offer 12 spots - in order to keep it intimate & give the needed guidance to each individual.

Lena Prenatal

Lena, Prenatal Teacher

Through my classes, I thrive to create a nurturing space for everyone, in which they feel safe to connect to themselves. A space that is welcoming to all and open for exploration and play - whether that is in movement, breath, stillness, sharings or food. As a yoga teacher and plant-based chef, I encourage the students to find more presence through their senses on and off the mat, and hopefully infuse their day with a taste of lightness and joy.