It was on a particularly cold Christmas day in 2020 when my mom, grandmother and I strolled around the neighborhood for a bit of crisp air in the face. We were in the middle of a pandemic and 2021 was an insecure year for me regarding teaching yoga, working freelance and starting my next yoga teacher training. Suddenly, right there, I saw the most warm, comfortable and beautifully displayed space, at the basement of an old typical Copenhagen apartment-building. My grandmother looked at me and said “you should open a yoga studio” and it was exactly what I did.

Having grown tired of seeing too much toxic feed on social media and modern power yoga houses for years, I was more than ready to open a studio that was gonna be exactly what I thought needed. I dreamt about workshops with talks and warm tea, 7am flow sessions with a bunch of loving morning people, creating an atmosphere that was outstanding, sharing knowledge and experiences, bathing people in soundbaths and helping others to find the same love for yoga as I held myself.

Already with such a great network of devoted and warm-hearted teachers I am building the community of my dreams. We care for a responsible yoga practice and to offer a more versatile studio we focus on anatomically right movements, mindfulness and a sh*tload of fun and giggles.

Today, KAÍLO collaborates with a community of creative, curious and well-educated teachers to offer the full experience of yoga. You will most likely find me, Camilla, around the studio at most times, and if not, you can always reach me somehow.

Oceans of Love,
Cam - Creator of KAÍLO

When you “do” yoga, it’s called practice. The yogic notion of practicing is different from the type of practice you do when you rehearse for a special event like a dance performance, a marathon, or a speech. In those cases, there is a specific goal, and when you get to a certain point, there’s no need for more practice. But the practice of yoga, defined as both a state of being and a classified method of physical postures designed to create radiant health - is never finished; it’s a process. A beautiful and revealing process at that.

Aiming for a specific pose or learning to meditate is also a process. It can be very scary and in our experience, some fear is warranted, and it’s a natural and helpful response. The fear tells you: Pay attention. Be careful. It’s important to stay safe. If you think about it, you are intentionally learning something new, and you cannot really see where you are going. Metaphorically, you are going into the darkness, into the unknown. Physically, there is the very real possibility of falling on your head or sitting uncomfortably in stillness with the mind running wild.

In the face of fear, cultivate courage. Let courage dialogue with fear, and if fear’s voice is louder, listen to it and adjust accordingly. Our mission is to connect people through yoga, helping you grow a practice that honors traditional lineages of yoga as well as taking a modern approach to adapt to the anatomically knowledge we are now more attentive to. We are here to encourage you to grow a more positive lifestyle on and off the mat through asanas (physical practice), meditations and sound baths. Let’s eliminate the struggles these modern times challenge us with by creating a space that is slow paced, authentic and doesn't require anything else - then you just being.