Illumination of the Body: through Anatomy & Practice

Led by Miz


Generally on The Illumination Series: these series presents immersive yoga workshops for dedicated practitioners and teachers looking to deepen their understanding of yoga on and off the mat. Each 4-hour session explores intriguing topics that shape our yoga practice and extend beyond the mat. Led by seasoned yoga teachers Miz, Cam, and Dom, these workshops seamlessly blend theory and practice, enabling participants to delve into concepts and apply them right away. Whether you're keen on hopping into individual workshops or grabbing the bundled deal, get ready for a journey filled with deeper understanding, self-discovery and yoga magic.


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Illumination of The Body: This is a more thorough look at the what, why, and how of our bodies, and what we do with them in both our yin and yang asana (physical) practices. In the same way that flowers of the same type have their own unique petals, each one of us has a set of systems and processes that fit together and function in beautifully unique ways. Through knowledge and knowing, we can find intimacy and confidence in our bodies and movement, embracing freedom and deeper experience.

This session is a sweet touch on the basics of anatomy; bones, muscles and tissues from a theoretical point of view. We'll further investigate the practicalities of individuality and feeling, within some of our favourite and foundational poses and movements.

In this session you will:

  • Learn about what the structures and systems of your body
  • How these structures and systems are unique to each of us
  • What we can do in our physical practices to support ourselves
  • Why each of us can do some things and not others
  • Practical tips on tailoring your own practice to make it unique

13.30 - 17.30

499 DKK





Bundle (all 3 sessions):
1.250 DKK



Miz • @natarajayogauk

Miz is a Yoga Alliance registered E-RYT500 and teacher trainer, currently studying Traditional Chinese Medicine practices with Yoga Medicine. She has an additional 250+ hours training in Restorative Yoga & Somatics, Yin Yoga & Energetics, Creative Sequencing, Tantric Philosophy, Qigong & Daoist Flow, Trauma Informed Practice, plus many many teaching hours with private students and in studios.

As an absolute anatomy geek, she has an obsession with researching every physical scenario she encounters - her knowledge on the body is endless and enthusiastically developed, including studies with Paul Grilley and Gil Hedley. She loves the nervous system, fascia, how our muscles and bones function and are structured, how this all works in different situations and different bodies; trauma release, work-based tension, postural conditioning, hyper-mobility, and more.